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Douglas County School System

Leadership Development Program
for Completion of PL-6 Certification


The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GA PSC) has redesigned its approved college/university Educational Leadership Programs. This redesign is a result of recognizing the need to prepare and certify educational leaders for 21st century school improvement and student achievement.

The PSC differentiates between a Leadership position and a Leadership role. Leadership positions, as determined by the Department of Education, require leadership certification and are those positions in which an individual has authority and supervisory responsibilities. A leadership role does not require leadership certification and may not require authority or supervisory responsibilities.

*Who may apply? Those who currently hold a leadership position as defined by the district (Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, Director, Coordinators, Principal or Assistant Principal, Assistant Administrators as well as other positions requiring leadership certification.)  Teacher leaders are also acceptable candidates for this program. Individuals in these positions may apply for the PL-6 or PL-7 program by completing an application.

Applicants selected for a PL-6/7 program must complete an Internship as designed by the leadership program. This Internship requires that the candidate complete activities and experiences under the supervision of a coach. Due to the limited capacity of the district to coach individuals, the number that will be approved will be based on the availability of district coaches.

The core purpose of leadership development is to ensure that leaders have the capacity for improving student achievement. Leadership development promotes excellence through diverse learning opportunities for current and future leaders. To this end the Douglas County School System is partnering with colleges/universities throughout the state to prepare leaders to meet the needs of the districts changing and diverse population. These partnerships will lead to candidates receiving the PL-6 or PL-7 degree and certification. The PL6/PL7 Degree programs provide a performance-based, advanced degree structure (PSC Rule 505-3-.58), requires a new state content assessment, and a new certificate structure which differentiates between building-level and system-level leadership duties. Upon completion of these performance based programs, the educator is recommended by the PSC-approved provider for a clear renewable, performance-based leadership (PL) certificate. The PSC Leadership Standards must be demonstrated through performance based activities. The candidate will be provided with a qualified performance coach to assist in the development and demonstration of these standards.

University Partners

One aspect of the redesign of the performance based leadership preparation program requires a partnership between the local school system and colleges and universities.  The college or university must have a PSC approved performance based educational leadership program.  The school system can only provide support for candidates who are enrolled in a college or university with whom we have a signed Memorandum of Agreement.  The Douglas County School System is currently partnered with two universities:

Kennesaw State University

University of West Georgia

Applicants must meet the entrance requirements of the college or university.  Interested candidates should contact the college or university regarding specific application and program requirements.   

Criteria for Eligibility for School System Support

  • Applicant must hold a clear renewable Georgia certificate.
  • Applicants must have completed a minimum of four years of successful educational experience as evidenced by recent satisfactory evaluations.
  • Applicants must possess a level 5 certification and must currently hold a leadership position or role as designated by the district. Designated positions include teacher leader, principal, assistant principal, assistant administrators, director, assistant superintendent, associate superintendent, and superintendent as well as other positions requiring a leadership certification.
  • Applicants must agree to complete an Internship as designed by the program. The Internship Program requires that each candidate be assigned a coach and therefore maximum capacity for entrance into the program may be determined by the availability of coaches to each candidate. Some selected candidates may be required to delay entry into a program in order to secure the assignment of a coach.
  • Applicants who hold leadership positions will be given priority for entrance into the program.

Application Process

  • Discuss your interest in applying with your principal or supervisor. Make sure that there is an agreement to support your full participation for the successful completion of the program.
  • Complete an application packet to the Director of Human Resources that includes:
    • Douglas County School System Performance-Based Leadership Application.
    • Letter of interest that includes a narrative describing why he/she is interested in participating in the program.
    • Professional résumé.
    • Evidence of accomplishment in leadership. (Submit a 1 - 3 page description or evidence of practice in leadership.)
    • Three recommendation forms to include current principal/supervisor and at least two additional recommendations from educational professionals. Your principal/supervisor and others who complete the recommendation forms must return them directly to the Director Human Resources.
    • Click here for Douglas County School System Performance-Based Leadership Application
    • Click here for Principal/Supervisor Recommendation Form (current required)
    • Click here for Professional Peer Recommendation Form (two required)
  • All above materials should be sent via the following methods.
    • School Mail
          Attention: Dr. Michelle Ruble, Director of Human Resources
    • Postal Service
          Douglas County School System
          PO Box 1077 Douglasville, GA 30133
          Attention: Dr. Michelle Ruble   
    • Email

    • Recommendation Forms may be faxed 770-920-4016

Selection Process

The application and the recommendation forms will be used by the Program Administrator to determine that eligibility criteria have been met and to make recommendations to the Selection Committee that the applicant be reviewed by the committee for program participation.

The Selection Committee includes district administrators.

The Selection Committee will review the applicant's complete package to make a recommendation for the program.

Letters of acceptance will be mailed to candidates selected for admission. Individuals not accepted for the program will receive a letter stating the outcomes.

Applicants must be approved by the Selection Committee before a System Approval Form for the College/University will be signed.

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