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Health Services

Recognizing the relationship between health and academics.

Healthy Hands



S haping
C hildren's
H ealthcare
O utcomes
O pportunities
L earning

N eeds
U tilizing
R esources
  Contributing to a
S uccessful
E ducational 


Douglas County School Health Services recognizes the connection between optimal health and learning.  We support educational achievement by providing safe, effective health services. 


  • To create, review, and update school system policy related to school health.
  • To promote safe and appropriate provision of school health services through training and evaluation of all those providing services.
  • To act as a liaison between schools, parent/guardians, and health care providers.
  • To increase school attendance through identification of students with chronic and acute health conditions and improved health maintenance.
  • To increase awareness and practice of universal precautions and the importance of handwashing in the school setting.
  • To assist and advise schools regarding issues concerning immunizations.
  • To promote staff and student wellness through health education.


  • Coordinates health services.
  • Provides annual training to school health monitors and their designated substitutes on the provision of appropriate school health services. 
  • Conducts school visits to evaluate the provision of health services including health records review and recommending needed changes.
  • Coordinates mass screening for hearing, vision, scoliosis, and dental (when needed).
  • Provides health referrals to appropriate resources.
  • Collects and organizes clinic health services data along with individual health services coordinator monthly reports.
  • Serves as a health resource to school community.
  • Provides health plans for individual students as needed. 

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