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Kwame Carr
Assistant Superintendent of District Operations


The Facilities Department incorporates the responsibilities of the Maintenance & Construction Departments in:

  • New Construction
  • Renovations and Additions
  • Inspections
  • Warehouse


Our Mission

The mission of the Douglas County School System Facilities Department is to maintain the highest level of service possible to the school district, the community, and especially all students and teachers.  This mission is achieved by utilizing in-house personnel for construction projects, emergency repairs, routine maintenance, and preventative maintenance programs; thus improving facilities to create cost-savings for the school system and taxpayers.



The Maintenance Department consists of  two Facilities Maintenance Coordinators, Operations Secretary, and a 40 member maintenance staff with various certified trades and specialties.  This department efficiently provides the upkeep of buildings and equipment while ensuring a safe environment for students and teachers.


Certified Trades
Electricians, Electronics Technicians, HVAC Technicians, and Plumbers


Specialized Trades
Painters and Locksmiths


Facilities Maintenance Coordinators

Hugh Mitchell

Jack Gardner



The Construction Department consist of a Capital Improvements Coordinator.  This department organizes and manages projects through the planning, bidding, construction, and post construction stages.  Also, the department provides advice and guidance to architects and engineers regarding design and development of plans, specifications, economical structural design, mechanical systems, and site improvements.


Capital Improvements Coordinator

Kirk Nicholson



Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax

Approved by voters in a special referendum, ESPLOST is a one-cent countywide sales tax on consumer goods purchased by individuals who live, work, visit, and shop in Douglas County.  The proceeds from ESPLOST pay for school-related capital improvements such as the construction of new buildings, additions, renovations, and modifications of existing buildings, technology upgrades, furnishings for K-12 educational facilities and bus purchases.

As Douglas County continues to grow, so does the need for more schools.  Before ESPLOST, bond referendums were used to fund the construction of new schools.  These bonds had to be paid back with interest over many years by the school system thus creating long-term debt.  The adverse reaction to a school system's burden of long-term debt usually leads to an increase in property tax.  ESPLOST benefits our community,because the tax is collected from not only residents of Douglas County, but by any and all individuals who shop here, thus enabling our school system to build the much-needed schools without increasing its debt. 


A picture of our growth:

   1990-91         13,982  
   1991-92         14,197  
   1992-93         14,384  
   1993-94         14,739  
   1994-95         15,088  
   1995-96         15,635  
   1996-97         16,132  
   1997-98         16,604  
   1998-99         16,862  
   1999-00         17,003  
   2000-01         17,541  
   2001-02         18,196  
   2002-03         18,775  
   2003-04         19,793  
   2004-05         20,912  
   2005-06         21,928  
   2006-07         23,951  
   2007-08         24,599  
   2008-09         24,707  
   2009-10         24,786  
   2010-11         24,382  
   2011-12         24,661  
   2012-13         24,845  
   2013-14         25,478  
   2014-15         25,777  
   2015-16         25,813  



The Warehouse staff is responsible for stocking all supplies and copy paper for the School System.  These goods are delivered to the schools daily.  The Warehouse staff also runs the daily mail route.   

Surplus Property is also handled through the Operations/Facilities Department.   Property is considered surplus when it becomes broken, obsolete, or just not needed by the School System any longer.  All property is offered to other schools in the system first before it is listed as surplus.  Many times, when one school deems an item to be surplus, it can be offered to another school to fill their needs.   Once it is determined that items are not needed elsewhere in the system, or are beyond repair, the items are presented to the Board for approval to be sold.  After approval, the items are sold.

In May 2010, the Douglas County School System started using an internet auction site to sell items that are approved as surplus.  Anyone interested in purchasing surplus may go to to view all items that are available.  As other internet auction sites are added, they will be listed here.

 DCSS Surplus Property 


 New Procedures in Place to Rent School System Facilities

Effective March 1, 2018, new online procedures are in place for groups and organizations that would like to rent a facility from the Douglas County School System. Reservation requests can be submitted easily, and renters will have access to photos and descriptions of the facilities with the new online platform. Renters can also see real-time availability of facilities, obtain estimated quotes, and pay online.

Those interested in renting a facility may view and request all district facilities at:

The board policies regarding rental agreements for the Douglas County School System will still apply, and the district's administrative staff will make final decisions on all facility use requests.

Facilitron will assist with the set-up of organization and user accounts along with verification of non-profit status (if applicable). Facilitron will also collect payment and proof of insurance (certificate of insurance) on Douglas County School System's behalf. Payments can be submitted conveniently on Facilitron using the following options: major credit cards, checks, ACH/eCheck, and Paypal. Proof of insurance (certificate of insurance) can also be conveniently uploaded into the system, and/or it can be obtained directly through Facilitron.

As of March 1, 2018, the only way to request use of a district facility is by creating a Facilitron account and submitting a request online. For assistance, please contact Facilitron directly at: or call 800-272-2962 ext 0.







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